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Nevada Weed Management Association

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NWMA is passionate about protecting and preserving the landscape of  Nevada in its most natural state for present and future generations to  enjoy. If you share this passion, please consider membership with NWMA.  Nevada needs your participation and support in the ongoing battle  against the weeds that negatively affect our state and cost millions of  dollars a year to manage. NWMA serves to represent the noxious weed  management community, ranchers and farmers, landowners, outdoor  enthusiasts, sportsman and alike, and is proud to act as your source for  statewide connectivity in the noxious and invasive weed community.


Benefits of Membership

NWMA Newsletter: NWMA’s newsletter includes articles that keep you up-to-date on weed management, tours and activities.

NWMA Website: We are proud to maintain an informative and authoritative website of weed management issues in Nevada.

Educational Materials: NWMA publishes informative noxious weed  publications to help you maximize your weed management skills, as well  as provides access to experts and technical resources.

Event Discounts: Members enjoy a discounted registration rate at NWMA-hosted events.

Legislation Watch: NWMA monitors and actively supports state weed legislation and regulations in Nevada.

Committee Membership: Committees improve our efficiency and productivity. Help us improve the way we communicate with members!

Professional Development Opportunities: NWMA maintains a calendar of  upcoming professional development opportunities in our state.