Nevada Weed Management Association, PO Box 150033, Ely NV 89315
Nevada Weed Management Association



We host and support educational events, trainings, publications and  other activities to further the knowledge and expertise of NWMA and the  public.



We stay updated on laws actively affecting weed management and evaluate  current legislation to ensure that it does not adversely affect weed  management practices in Nevada.



We provide resources and services to cooperative weed management areas  throughout Nevada to promote active, on-the-ground weed management  efforts.

About the Nevada Weed Management Association

Established in 1995, our mission is to facilitate  the establishment of statewide vegetative, aquatic, and terrestrial  invasive species control through education and legislation. At NWMA,  we're passionate about preserving and protecting Nevada's vast, varied  and beautiful landscapes in their most natural states for present and  future generations to enjoy.

Noxious and invasive weeds are one of the single greatest threats to  landscape health in our state. Please take a moment to explore the  information and resources available on this website. In doing so, we  hope you will be inspired to learn more about us and how to get involved  in the fight against weeds in Nevada. 

We work with land managers, policy makers, researchers and passionate
citizens to protect Nevada from noxious and invasive weeds.